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We understand that getting onto the Canadian market can be confusing and overwhelming. with the rigorous Regulations and constantly updated guidelines, it is hard to keep on top of it, let alone everything else you have going on as a business owner.

We are here to help you! NaturalSci Reg Online is built for those start-ups in the early stages and the "I Can't Afford a Consultant' DIY-ers. We will teach you what you need to know to successfully register your product with Health Canada and sell them legally.

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Courses to help you Successfully Register your Products in Canada:

NHP General

NHP Step 1 - Product Class

NHP Step 2 – Information Needed

NHP Step 3 – Testing Requirements

Class I

Class II

Class III

Interacting with NNHPD electronically

IRN Management

NHP Client Package - Labels

NHP Client Package – Post-Market Management

Cosmetic Registrations

Site Licensing Package

GMP Compliance Package
(GMP Evidence, SOP Design, GMP Requirements, GDP)