Why, why, why after 2 years in business???

May 22, 2018

Ever since the first time I heard Simon Sinek’s “Why” talk, I have been struggling and searching for my own ‘why’.

I know what I do, how I do it and why I started my business. My ultimate and greater ‘why’ purpose has somehow eluded me for the better part of two years.

I have come a long way on my journey from science geek to CEO and along the way listened to many business experts, taken advantage of government and local business programs and read A LOT. I have just finished reading my 17th book out of my 20-book goal for the year and book #17’s topic fell in line with what I needed to realize for myself.

I grew up in a busy single-parent household with two siblings all of us doing multiple extra-curricular activities at once. I loved being busy. I was involved in everything I could get my hands on, to the point where in high-school several teachers were concerned I was doing too much. I still managed good grades and developed my organizational and planning skills, which to this day are my favourite things to do.

In developing those skills, I learned how to manage my time and complete tasks efficiently but also correctly (otherwise my mother would make me redo it = waste of time). Upon reflection wasting time might be my ultimate nightmare!

I provide a niche service to my clients in a niche market, I am very qualified to do so and treat my clients as partners even friends instead of items on my to do list. It dawned on me halfway through book #17 reading about others who have built their companies around genuinely helping others and changing lives that this IS my ‘Why’.

I realize that ‘helping others’ is ultimately everyone’s ‘why’ (hopefully). I have (re)discovered that my greatest joy and purpose is giving people easy digestible advice that they can implement immediately to improve their situation.

In my current role as CEO at NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting, I maximize other’s efficiency to launch their products. My goal is to take away the one burden (Regulatory) that clients’ do not want to deal with. So they can focus on what they are good at, and I can do what I am good at- getting their products licensed and compliant. We also only work with companies who's products and people we believe in so that we are absolutely genuine in wanted to help them grow and succeed.

I believe my purpose is to help others increase their efficiency and share any useful tips/books/advice that I learn along the way to benefit those around me.

In conclusion may I ask…How can I help you?

Let me know! kpaul@naturalscireg.ca

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