Time-Targeting, the New Avenue for Supplement Brands

May 11, 2018

It was Geoffrey Woo, CEO and Co-founder of Nootrobox, who said “I think the timing and how the body absorbs ingredients is an important dimension that companies are going to be considering for the future of human performance.”

In the realm of nutrition, the debate pertinent to the period in which certain vitamins, supplements or other foods should be consumed to achieve maximum results is gaining traction. Some aspects of this debate speaks to nutrition objective, whether that is fatigue mitigation, weight loss, or mental alertness, determining the best time of day for intake. The shift to more time/period specific products is quite evident the market shelves with pre- and post- drinks, bars and supplements becoming more pervasive.

Nootrobox, the San Francisco company, is already capitalizing on this new wave of time-targeting supplements. Linked to their promise that their product will unlock your mental latent are their capsules containing four products; each formulated to be effective in the morning to reduce fatigue, improve memory, mitigate the afternoon lethargy and among others.

One of the most viewed article is New Hope Network’s own “A Guide to Optimizing Your Vitamins and Supplements Intake”. The rationale behind the piece’s popularity stems from the lucid guidelines about when vitamins are absorbed, when to eat to achieve weight loss and the list goes on. Credit must also go to Healthspan, a UK vitamins and supplier, whose research on when vitamins are best absorbed functioned as the basis.

Dr. Will Cole, a functional medicine practitioner in the States acknowledged that people may consume their supplements anytime they desire despite their goals but understanding your routine could aid greatly in extracting maximum benefits from the supplements. “If you need all day energy, try taking energy boosting supplements in the morning or if you need to build muscle, take those supplements a little before you work out. It’s all about timing and listening to your body and your individual needs.”

In 2015, a survey was done by the NBJ illustrated that roughly 30% of the participants were concerned with sleep deprivation and fatigue. As expected, market specialists and manufacturers are more focused on the market trend than what science says. At this point in time, the trend is towards energy.

In brief, as consumers become more aware that varied times of day necessitates different nutrition, supplement brands are not hesitating to capitalizing on this opportunity.

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