Export NHPs Outside Canada? The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Can Help

May 18, 2018

If you manufacture or distribute NHPs for export to foreign markets, the Trade Commissioner Service is a resource that can assist your business needs.

The Trade Commissioner Service is a department within Global Affairs Canada that offers useful resources for Canadian businesses that export or would like to export by providing tools like market intelligence, qualified contacts, partnership opportunities and advice on foreign markets. They have 161 offices across Canada and worldwide.

Previously, the Trade Commissioner Service has not been significantly involved in the NHP sector but is looking to become more proactive within the industry. More information about the Trade Commissioners Service and the resources they offer can be found on their website. To find a trade commissioner to assist you, click here.

NaturalSci Reg can also help by issuing your Internationsal Trade Certificates (ITC's) quickly and in a cost effectuive manor to help you keep your project running on time and on budget!

Good luck Dominating the Global Market!

Let us know which markets you are looking at we have channels to heklp with Regulatory and Distribution!


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